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Wednesday Dots: 1-Oh, Canada

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Plus, will on-field success turn around recruiting?

Softball - Olympics: Day -2 Photo by Yuichi Masuda/Getty Images

The roses in the window box

Have tilted to one side

Everything about these Dots

Was born to grow and die

  • Mike Vorel covers the gamut of Husky topics in his latest mailbag. The questions come at an interesting time for the Dawgs- a couple of strong recruiting classes are coming of age and giving UW a chance to compete for a conference title while the team is also experiencing what some would consider a small recruiting slump for this year. Will on-field success foretell more commitments, or will the lack of momentum spill over into the games?

  • The Athletic has a feature on Levi Onwuzurike that reexamines his college tape to see what he will bring to the table for the Lions. To the surprise of no UW fans, they focus on how his athleticism compensates for a lack of elite size and the productivity speaks for itself.

  • Stewart Mandel has his own mailbag with some Pac-12 nuggets. He looks at the relative heat on Chip Kelly and Clay Helton across town from each other in LA, as well as a bevy of other topics.

(Brother of a Husky, at least)