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Tuesday Dots: Aaaand. Here. We. Go.

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The Olympics begin, with five Dawgs playing (plus one coaching) today alone.

OLY-2020-2021-TOKYO-AUS Photo by EUGENE HOSHIKO/POOL/AFP via Getty Images

Happy Tuesday and happy dots!

First off, while the opening ceremonies haven’t even happened yet:

Today we’ve got five Dawgs playing in softball’s return after 13 years, and it all starts off with Australia versus Japan. (And by God if they don’t have Gabbie in the circle, well then what the f&%^...)

Pre-game press conferences with the head coaches are here.

The first game is 5 PM PST on NBC Sports Network, followed by Coach Tarr and Ali Aguilar with Team USA taking on Italy at 8 PST, and then concluded with our Canadians and their three Huskies — Jenn Salling, Victoria Hayword, and obviously Danielle Lawrie — versus Mexico at 11.

And of course if you didn’t get to listen to our interview with said Danielle, highly recommend doing so right here — she’s got a lot to say worth hearing.

On other notes:

Do good things, don’t do bad things, and bow down to Washington.