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All We Hear is Purple: Danielle’s winding road back

You’d be forgiven for thinking no one is tougher than 2009 Danielle Lawrie. But with 2021 Danielle Lawrie on to Tokyo, you’d be wrong.

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Danielle Lawrie’s not the same person she was in 2008 for Team Canada. She’s not the same person who, over eight hours, threw 400 pitches for a double-header that ended with a game whose 1-1 tie wasn’t broken until the 15th inning — all on the way to willing Washington to their 2009 national championship. That would be ridiculous. Because she’s better.

But how does that translate to the pitcher’s circle? Luckily, we’re less than a month away from finding out.

For this latest episode of AWHiP, Andrew and I got to talk to her about all of that. Plus:

  • Her initial reaction to the announcement that Olympic softball was returning
  • How close she was to retiring again when they were postponed — then why she changed her mind
  • The complication of doing this in a pandemic, and what she wants her daughters to take away from it all
  • Returning to softball after having her first kid and how that differed from coming out of full retirement after her second to re-join Team Canada for Tokyo 2020
  • How her life and career would be different if softball never left the Olympics
  • Why she wishes she could read Gabbie Plain’s mind
  • What happens to the state of Washington in a Canada vs. Australia, Lawrie vs. Plain matchup?
  • How the 2008 Olympics kind of sucked (but worked out in the end)
  • Her mindset during the 2009 championship season, and why it worked — but she does not recommend it
  • With an American husband and kids growing up in the US, is there ever a time where they’re allowed to root for Team USA over Team Canada in a non-softball head-to-head? (No. No there is not.)
  • How gee dee difficult this all is, yet she’s never felt better

And, most importantly:

  • How many times she’s rewatched Breaking Bad.

Now, usually I don’t really care if people listen to our podcast (in fact, I’ve never actually logged in to the administrative... hub? Platform? Whatever it is where you upload episodes and check stuff). But for your own sake, I cannot recommend listening to this one enough.

Besides being a genuine badass (we knew that already), Danielle has gone from one of the toughest, most legendary athletes in Washington history, to one of the toughest, most legendary athletes in Washington history who also happens to be really wise and articulate.

Seriously, check it out:

Do good things, don’t do bad things, and bow down to Washington. Oh, and go Canada go.