College Football Landscape

With the recent catalyst of playoff expansion and NIL, I believe this will lead to some dramatic changes in the game. I'd be interested to hear my fellow Pounders thoughts on the following topics.

1) Composition: What happens to the current construct of the P5, G5 & Indies. Does FBS, FCS, D II & DIII continue to exist?

2) Governance: Do the elite schools pull out of the NCAA and form their own governing body ala the IRA?

3) Schedule: Do we stick with a 12 game schedule with the possibility of as many as 15?

4) Distribution: Do the leagues still control the media rights in the day and age of NIL? Does NIL eat into the total amount of money that funds the College Football enterprise or just add to it. Does the ESPN distribution model still work with NIL if Heisman candidate X has an exclusive arrangement with website Y?

Any additional topics and or questions are welcome.