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Wednesday Dots: To the Gills

Fans Return to Husky Stadium

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NCAA Football: Arizona State at Washington Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

And I can’t remember

How I met her

Seems like she’s always just been hanging here off my right arm

And I can’t remember

How I ever

Thought that I just couldn’t live without Dots

  • This weekend promises to be a big one for the 2022 UW recruiting class, but that didn’t stop the Dawgs from taking a commitment last week from a 2021 recruit. Mike Vorel looks at why Davon Banks fell off the radar and how the Huskies found him. Six-feet tall, blazing speed, and rapid improvement on the field? I’d say it’s worth a shot.

  • Washington also announced that Husky Stadium will be at full capacity this fall. In case you weren’t following during the day, UW teased a big announcement in the morning, then the Seahawks immediately announced full capacity, which completely took the wind out of the Husky Stadium announcement. Even so, it’s great news for Husky fans.