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All We Hear is Purple: #HiMom

Heather Tarr is a genius, Gabbie Plain is mind-boggling, and everyone had her back when she needed it most. Also, football.

NCAA SOFTBALL: MAY 23 Playoff Regional - Michigan v Washington Photo by Jacob Snow/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Aloha and welcome to a softball extravaganza (plus some football) episode of AWHiP. First off, if you didn’t watch UW’s regional games this weekend, we pity you. I mean, how often is it that you get to watch a fellow non-Gabby crush as many souls as Gabbie Plain did Sunday? (The answer is “never” amount of times, by the way. I would know, as the only other non-Gabby in a 1,000 mile radius.)

Second-of-ly, here’s The Insanity Game on YouTube if you hadn’t seen it already or, even better, if you have already watched it and wanna rewatch. I recommend. You’ll pick up on stuff you didn’t during the first live go-around like, namely, that Coach Tarr is a flippin’ 4D chess master. Andrew and I talk about that in this episode, along with:

  • Plain’s ironwoman performance of the weekend — and how the final Michigan game, her stumbling, perseverance, Coach Tarr’s faith, and the rest of the team stepping up to cover for her was the perfect story arc for Washington’s season
  • UW’s own personal Lord of the Rings analogy
  • The one decision from Heather Tarr and Carol Hutchins that defined this game
  • Comparing — or, more accurately, contrasting — Gabbie Plain vs Danielle Lawrie as the two greatest pitchers in Washington history, both skillset-wise and their presence in the circle
  • Which bear they both are (hint: one is fictional, and one will murder you)
  • And why they’re both so joyful to watch despite (or because of) how different they are
  • How the rest of this team defensively complements Plain’s pitching style so well — of course, in particular, Sis Bates
  • Why their Super Regional opponent #1 Oklahoma is so terrifying, yet still feels very defeat-able
  • Then we end with some football thoughts: three things we’re each looking forward to next season

Oh, also, right before the ad break I mention an adorable post from Softball Australia’s Instagram of lil’ bb Gabbie Plain because there is nothing cuter than small children in a bunch of athletic gear that’s too big. (This is why I’ve been trying to get my niece or nephew to play hockey for years. Seriously, have you ever seen little kids playing hockey? It’ll make your head explode from cuteness.) Except kittens. Kittens are cuter than lil’ kids playing sports. Anyways:

It’s just so wholesome and adorable!

Okay, sorry about that, we’re easily distracted. Here’s your episode:

And if you’re still here, we mention a handful of, frankly, the stupidest tweets n’ memes from the weekend. Here are some of the best... Or worst, honestly, is probably more accurate:

Courtney’s on board, so you all better be too:

And of course, The Official Fan Art Of Every Time Gabbie Plain Commits Murder On National TV:

As always: do good things, don’t do bad things, and bow down to Washington.