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Monday Dots: Puka to the Portal

Yet another WR hits the Portal

Arizona v Washington Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Football Dots:

  • The big news over the weekend was that starting WR Puka Nacua had entered the transfer portal despite returning for winter work outs after previous transfer rumors. It should be noted that Nacua has not officially transferred yet, and there’s an outside chance that we are able to retain him.
  • On the brightside (queue The Killers with your morning coffee), Taj Davis is back with the team for winter work outs
  • Mike Vorel of the Seattle Times did a good job putting all of the off-season roster moves into perspective
  • Christian Caple with the Athletic ($) gave a good run down of where the Huskies would stand without Nacua
  • A number of UW commits got to kick off their senior seasons this past weekend. Even yours truly got in on the action doing color commentary for one of this weekend’s HS broadcasts (thankfully for a team without a UW commit and probably to an audience of 5).
  • Finally, ICYMI, “The Gang Tries to Predict Some Stuff”

Elsewhere in the Athletic Dept:

  • Rowing, Men’s Tennis, Men’s Soccer, Softball & Baseball all brought home the Ws this weekend

Pro Dawg Dots:

  • Even without Husky basketball going this weekend, Max found Huskies playing basketball to write about

Kinda Sorta Retro Dot:

  • LOL