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Wednesday Dots: Can every day be Pro Day?

Huskies Flaunt Athleticism while SCOTUS Considers Amateurism

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Washington State v Washington Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

I love the colorful Dots she wears

And the way the sunlight plays upon her Dots

I hear the sound of a gentle word

On the wind that lifts her Dots through the air

  • Washington hosted a Pro Day for draft-eligible players on Tuesday. The novelty of media present at the Dempsey Center turned it into a sort of spectator sport of its own. Joe Tryon was the stand-out performer and might have helped edge himself into the first round of the NFL Draft. Elijah Molden and Keith Taylor raised some questions about their straight-line speed. Jimmy Lake sees it as another step toward UW gaining a reputation that matches its NFL production.

  • Christian Caple looked at Pro Day from another angle- it was a long-awaited opportunity for Kevin Thomson to throw passes for UW. It was a dream of Thomson’s, ever since he grew up watching Gil Dobie’s Husky teams.

  • When Justices Kavanaugh and Thomas think you’re behind the times, well, that might not be the best sign for the NCAA’s case.
  • A top-two worst Utah coordinator off-season scandal of the 2020s: