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Dots: Say It Ain’t Tso

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The men’s basketball team loses another contributor while some Huskies impressed in track and field

Utah v Washington Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

Title credit to DawgsAndRoses and Rhaego.

Basketball Dots

  • For the 2nd straight day the Huskies had a major contributor enter the transfer portal, this time guard Marcus Tsohonis who finished 2nd on this year’s team in scoring.
  • Former Dawg legend Isaiah Thomas has some thoughts about transfers...

Football Dots

  • Christian Caple had a football mailbag addressing such topics as how new DB transfer Bookie Radley-Hiles will fit into the secondary next year.
  • Scott Eklund at Dawgman had an interview to help get to know the personal side of incoming RB Caleb Berry.
  • A reminder that our spring position preview started yesterday and you can check out my first entry on the quarterback intrigue here.

Washington Athletics Dots