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UW Dawg Pound Office Pool

Fill out a bracket with the rest of the UWDP! Because what else are you going to do instead, watch the NBA regular season? As if.

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: MAR 09 Men’s Final Four Preview Photo by Brian Spurlock/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Welcome to the NCAA Tournament which I’m sure will go off without a single issue because of COVID-19. Every single participant will be fine being confined to their hotel in Indianapolis and make no attempt to escape and find companionship. A perfect plan for a perfect event.

And since we know that every game will happen exactly as scheduled, why not go ahead and fill out a bracket which won’t get ruined when the team you picked to make the Final Four has an outbreak and is forced to bow out early? No reason at all!

If you’d like to test your fortune telling ability against the rest of the UW Dawg Pound then go ahead and submit a bracket and see how it goes.

The link to join the group can be found right here. Or you can search for the UW Dawg Pound group through Yahoo’s Tourney Pick’Em.

You may ask, why Yahoo? Well to take you behind the curtain for just a moment, in the past they paid us to advertise their bracket challenge. Sadly they aren’t doing that this year. But no one else is either so I guess until ESPN drops the bag we’re going to stick with Yahoo.

The winner gets the pride of a job well done as well as the ability to alienate everyone around them by bringing it up as often as they possibly can in an attempt to overcome other insecurities. Good luck!

And next year may we be able to be blinded by picking Washington 2 rounds further then they should get picked. Or maybe more realistically 2 years from now? 4 years from now? Sometime in our lifetime.