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Wednesday Dots: 86 the Puka Dawgs

Plus, Huskies Seek Hoops Redemption

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NCAA Football: Hawaii at Washington Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

Dots-time for Huskies in Washington

Winter for Oregon and Cuogs

Dots-time for Huskies in Washington

Come on, Dawgs, Go into your dance

  • Few examples exist of top skill-position players leaving good teams with ample playing time, so it’s no surprise that Puka Nacua’s transfer dominates they Husky-sphere today. Larry Stone writes that Nacua’s departure is part of a nation-wide trend toward more player movement and might not look like such an outlier in retrospect.

  • The Athletic has a fascinating breakdown of Nevada’s high school class of 2022. UW is prominently involved in recruiting in the area and success could have a lot to do with the final quality of the class.

  • The Huskies men’s basketball team will try to avoid going one-and-done in the conference tournament, which starts today. The Dawgs will try to redeem a frustrating season against Utah, a team that has already beaten them twice.