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Roundtable: Most Memorable Recent Plays

An unwanted peak into the psyches of our writers

NCAA FOOTBALL: DEC 02 Pac-12 Championship Game - Colorado v Washington Photo by Douglas Stringer/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

We’re moths away from watching Husky football again, so it’s a perfect time to reminisce. This week, based on the Twitter thread below, I posed this question to our writers and got some great answers:

Which play or plays from the last decade are most burned into your memory? Not necessarily the most obvious ones, but the ones that stick out for you personally.

Raymond Lucas Jr.- I’m upset I wasn’t with you guys during the 2016 season.

Ryan Priest- My favorite is still the John Ross TD from the 2016 conference title game against Colorado, when he one-handed a ball that Browning clearly was trying to throw away.

Gabey Lucas- I love the Jake head shake afterwards.

Kirk Degrasse- You know, looking that again I don’t think Browning was throwing it away. He’d looked in that direction early in his progression and then looks at him again before throwing it. I think it was high just because he was under duress, but I do think he was throwing it to Ross.

Ryan- My head canon is that he was throwing it away because that makes Ross’s catch all the more magical. You can’t change my mind, Kirk!

Raymond- I was amazed he came down with it. One of my favorite throws of his was against Oregon in that OT game to Ty Jones, I think. As frustrating as that game was, that throw was art.

Andrew Berg- I am awful at remembering specific plays, but this is one of my favorite Browning throw.

Part of it is the improvisation during the play, but most of it is how drastically and quickly that game turned from hopeless to “ok, maybe we can get this into OT” to “let’s just get one more stop here” to “holy shit we can win this in regulation!”

Raymond- I was so nervous during the field goal.

Max Vrooman- That game. 7:30 kickoff. Cold and breezy. Took now-fiancee to the game since my normal seat buddy couldn’t make it. She could not stop shivering and since it looked like things were fairly hopeless and we had a 30-40 minute walk home ahead of us I relented and agreed to leave early. Was walking past the U-village fields when I heard the roar and realized we’d tied it and knew unless it went to OT that running to try to get home wouldn’t get me there in time to watch the end live. And yet somehow still marrying her.

Andrew- “Took now-fiancée to the game since my normal seat buddy couldn’t make it.” I can see why she said yes. So romantic!

Raymond- A true love story. I remember back when they played UCLA on Thursday night in the year uh (help) and they wore the black uniforms for the first time. That was my first trip to Husky stadium. All I remember from that night is that Locker was QB and it was cold.

Max- All I remember is the class that got cancelled so students could get to the game on time and how pissed our TA leading the section was that the school allowed that. [Game Recap Link] That intro though: “Jake Locker scored on a 3-yard run in the first half, and Quinton Richardson returned an interception 28 yards for a touchdown with 6:22 left to help Washington keep its weak bowl hopes alive with an ugly 24-7 win over UCLA on Thursday night.”

Raymond- We did nothing to deserve the “weak bowl hopes” line.

Andrew- Maybe they mean our hopes were for a weak bowl.

Kirk- Weird - when I clicked on that link it says “fledgling” in place of “weak”. Which is valid - UW was still just 4-6 with that win. I’m more offended by the description of the win as “ugly”. Yeah, passing was ugly in that game for both sides, but two 100+ yard rushers for Washington is never ugly in my book.