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Podcast Production Opportunity - All We Hear is Purple

Embrace your inner mediocrity

Idaho Vandals vs. Washington Huskies

Hello! And welcome to a solicitous All We Hear is Purple blog post!

You may have noticed that Gabey and I haven’t recorded a podcast lately. It’s not because we have nothing to say (when did that ever stop us?) It’s because we are sadly without a podcast producer. Due to outside obligations, we had to bid adieu to the beloved Producer Rob. Our internal efforts to recruit a new podcast producer have borne no fruit.

That’s where you come in. If you have a computer and an interest, you could be our podcast producer. If you have any experience with recording software or audio engineering, even better, but we’re flexible on those parts.

The commitment is typically a weekly show during football season and a monthly (if that) show in the off-season. Recording usually takes 60-90 minutes, with another 30 minutes of editing and publishing on the producer’s end. We usually record on Tuesdays.

The perks of the job are literally immeasurable. You get to virtually hang out with Gabey and me over Skype. You get to have your name on the All We Hear is Purple posts. You get an imaginary lifetime membership to the Cody Pickett Fan Club. Hmm, this all sounded better before I started writing it out.

If you’re interested, contact us by emailing Editor Max at, comment below, or tweet us @UWonSBN.