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Wednesday Dots: Palace Intrigue SZN

The games are done but Husky football is just heating up

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COLLEGE FOOTBALL: APR 27 Washington Spring Game Photo by Joseph Weiser/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

I watch the ripples change their size

But never leave the stream

Of warm impermanence

And so the days float through my eyes

But still the Dots seem the same

  • It’s not every day UW introduces a new head football coach, so it’s no surprise that the Seattle Times has it covered up and down. Mike Vorel’s piece focuses on DeBoer’s embrace of UW’s high expectations and his own goal of bringing championships to Montlake. Jon Wilner wrote about DeBoer’s hiring as a crucial moment for the program after the regression over the last two seasons. Larry Stone covered DeBoer’s initial comments and said that he got off to the right start, earning his first win in the process. The Times also featured the full transcript of DeBoer’s introductory press conference with Jen Cohen.

  • At The Athletic, Christian Caple covered some of DeBoer’s areas of focus in the press conference, including his offensive philosophy and approach to recruiting. Given the sub-optimal performance in these areas under Jimmy Lake, it will be important for DeBoer to show quick progress in both.

  • Anthony Edwards from the UW Daily has been covering the team like white on rice this year. He has the student paper’s coverage of DeBoer’s hiring and introduction.