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Grading the Game: Colorado

Not great, folks.

NCAA Football: Washington at Colorado Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Pass Defense - A

Same old, same old. CBs Kyler Gordon and Trent McDuffie continue to play at an elite level and make it very challenging for teams to pass downfield against Washington.

Rush Defense - A-

I expected Colorado to have more success on the ground, but they finished the day with just 71 yards rushing. RB Jarek Broussard got loose a couple times but didn’t manage to crack fifty yards. Only one sack and three tackles for a loss by the defense, but the sack was Jeremiah Martin’s first in his career.

NCAA Football: Washington at Colorado Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Pass Offense - D+

Where to begin. This is a classic “the box score is lying” game, as Dylan Morris finished with a career high 387 yards, two TDs, and played particularly great on third downs. But, the turnovers. One interception bounced off the hands of Taj Davis, but Morris is at least partially responsible for the two (!) fumbled snaps, one of which resulted in a Colorado scoop and score TD. Aside from the turnovers which likely cost the game, some of the weapons in the pass game did flash. Devin Culp looks like a Certified Dude at times, Ja’Lynn Polk returned from a Week 1 injury and made an instant impact, and Cam Davis showed some nice hands catching passes. Against a pretty bad defense, Dylan Morris showed play making ability, but couldn’t avoid the costly mistakes.

Rush Offense - D

I could probably write these articles before the games. Unsurprisingly, Washington could not run the ball, finishing with 38 total yards. If you include passes out of the backfield - an “extension” of the run game - the numbers look munch better. But this team yet again struggled to run between the tackles. Perhaps the best moment of the day for the run game was Dylan Morris’ 21 yard scramble. An even below average run game and Washington probably wins this game.

NCAA Football: Washington at Colorado Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Special Teams - B

P Race Porter kicks ass. Returner Giles Jackson seems to be getting into a groove on his returns.

Coaching - F

A new regime can’t start soon enough.