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All We Hear Is Purple - Beware the Hamster Wheel of Mediocrity

A Very Special Edition where we’re too busy talking about coaches to even talk about ASU or Colorado

Isaias Weakens Into A Tropical Storm

Welcome to this week’s edition of All We Hear is Purple.

This week Gabey and Andrew discuss Jimmy Lake’s firing and keep you on the edge of your seat with who might replace him as head coach.

  • Did Jimmy Lake get a fair shake?
  • Is Lake’s firing a sign of the times in today’s college football landscape?
  • What is worth watching on the field in these last two games?
  • Coaching search gauntlet:

Why are people so down on Justin Wilcox?

Jonathan Smith 2021 ≈ Steve Sarkisian 2014?

Bob Stoops, Matt Cambell, Kalen DeBoer, Tom Herman, more Matt Campell, PJ Fleck

  • Recommendations! : Nothing dark but nothing too happy
  • Don’t worry we’ll talk about the Colorado game next week (maybe)

Give it a listen:

Go Dawgs!!