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College Football Saturday Week 6 Open Thread

There’s no Husky game but you can still watch college football

Penn State v Iowa Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images

There isn’t a Husky game this Saturday which might be a blessing as everyone gets a chance to reset after last week’s effort in Corvallis. Still, there are plenty of really nice college football games on tap this week and we’ve got your viewing guide below if you want suggestions of where to spend your time. Join the comments below to watch along with your fellow Dawg fans.


9:00 am- #6 Oklahoma (-3.5) vs. #21 Texas, ABC

The Red River showdown is always fun even if these look like 2 pretty flawed teams. Oklahoma has been dancing with disaster the entire season and it would not be a surprise to see them finally drop again at their rivals. We’ll see if Oklahoma can just barely squeak by yet again and keep on pace for a CFP berth where they get destroyed in the semifinal or if they finally trip up.

Alternate game: #13 Arkansas at #17 Ole Miss (-5.5), ESPN

Both of these teams were obliterated by the #1 and #2 teams in the country so it’s entirely possible that both are still quite good despite losing last week. It seems pretty clear there’s generally a big gap between #2 and #3 this year and so it will be interesting to observe which of these upstarts are able to stabilize their season.

1:00 pm- #4 Penn State at #3 Iowa (-1.5), FOX

This is pretty clearly the game of the day as the winner will be considered the clear favorite to end Ohio State’s recent run of dominance atop the Big Ten standings. Iowa’s defense has been phenomenal at wreaking havoc and Penn State has managed to keep winning to get themselves in the top-5. It’s been like finding a unicorn to see a top-5 matchup in recent years without Alabama, Clemson, or Ohio State involved so we should embrace some new parity by watching this.

Alternate game: #2 Georgia (-15.5) at #18 Auburn, CBS (12:30 pm)

If instead you want to watch Georgia’s defense eviscerate Bo Nix then buddy do I have a game for you. You can watch the first half hour of this one before switching over to PSU/Iowa and it will be 14-0 Georgia already and you’ll have seen what you need to see.

4:30 pm- #9 Michigan (-3.5) at Nebraska, ABC

Nebraska has actually been pretty good since they were beaten by a terrible Illinois team in week 0 on national television. I don’t think they’ve recovered enough to knock off Michigan with the way the Wolverines have looked but it’s not outside the realm of possibility.

Alternate game: Utah at USC (-3), FOX (5:00 pm)

Arizona State at Stanford was last night and it was the only truly good game on the Pac-12 slate with 4 teams on byes and 2 of the others including Arizona and Wazzu. Utah is a team dealing with the tragedy of the death of CB Aaron Lowe who technically haven’t lost a conference game yet and could theoretically rally to be a factor in the South. USC has basically been awesome and terrible in alternating weeks and if that pattern holds then they could drop another one at home.