Old Man Down (" Viejo Abajo")

I'm in need of a "head-clearer"

November 11th, I begin a jaunt from here in Costa Rica to Buenos Aires, Argentina. I will be alone. I will only fly from Panama City to Bogota,Colombia. The rest will be;walk,bike,bus,train and hitch-hike with long distance drivers.

The country I love (U.S.A.) is circling the drain. Build back,infrastructure,borbers,Covid-19,education, HealthCare,elected officials owned,wealthy/poor gap,voter supression, other "old men" running the country...I have other worries....It's hard to watch. I need a back-to-basics break !

I will post when I'm in cities with Wi-fi.

My prep includes...six days each week of exercise since April. A Yellow Fever shot. A "Locator" for family following and an International HealthCare insurance plan until February 1st.

Go Huskies !