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College Football Saturday Week 8 Open Thread

A stress-free Saturday without Husky football

USC v Notre Dame Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

You have been freed from the stress of building up to a Husky game this Saturday which means plenty of time to concentrate on the rest of the college football world. We’ll be honest it’s a pretty...not great lineup. There’s a reason College Gameday is in the Pac-12. Still, follow along with the rest of your Dawg fans in the comments below and we’ve still got our recommendations.


All Betting Lines provided by DraftKings Sportsbook

9:00 am- Kansas State at Texas Tech (DK Betting Line -1), FS1

Listen, I said it was a rough lineup and I meant it. The games on ABC, FOX, ESPN, and ESPN2 all have point spreads of at least 23.5 points. It’s exclusively top-10 ranked teams against legitimately bad opponents. At least this Big 12 matchup should be competitive.

12:30 pm- #10 Oregon at UCLA (DK Betting Line -2.5), ABC

If UCLA wins this game it sets up for a legitimate 3-way battle between UCLA, Utah, and Arizona State for the South title. If Oregon wins then we get to link the “he can’t keep getting away with it!” meme. For a neutral observer this should be interesting but you’re forgiven if you can’t stomach it if this isn’t a UCLA blowout.

Alternate game: #9 Oklahoma State at Iowa State (DK Betting Line -7), FOX

This would’ve been the winner in the 9a slate but it goes here instead. There are also several other games I’d rather watch than anything in the 9a slate such as Clemson at #23 Pitt, LSU at #12 Ole Miss, and bizarrely BYU at Wazzu. But sticking with the game in the title, this is the #2 team in the Big 12 against the team everyone thought was the #2 team in the Big 12 entering the season (and if they win this game, maybe still is).

#4:00 pm- #22 San Diego State at Air Force (DK Betting Line -3), CBS Sports Network

I’ll admit that this is an unconventional choice. But I’d rather see the Mountain West get decided then watch a ranked team destroy a non-ranked team. I had enough of that at 9a thank you very much. San Diego State just won a game that finished 19-13 in 2OT. How can you not watch that team?!?

Alternate game 4:30p: Utah (DK Betting Line -3) at Oregon State, Pac-12 Network

If you’ve just got basic cable then I think you’re out of luck. Have fun watching USC/Notre Dame or Ohio State/Indiana (nice fake out by me on the main photo, right? I really didn’t want to have an Oregon/UCLA photo on the site so you get this instead). I’d rather watch the 2 plucky underdogs of the Pac-12 go toe to toe. And due I guess to the MLB Playoffs there is no televised night game this week. So after staying up late to watch the Huskies last night you get a full night’s sleep even if you’re on the East Coast. Take advantage. The college football season is a marathon not a sprint.