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Wednesday Dots: The Tys that Bind

And a look ahead to 20201

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Utah v Washington Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

I’d rather feel the hurt inside

Yes, I would darling

Than know

Know the emptiness your Dots must hide

  • It appears that Husky WR Ty Jones is headed to the transfer portal. Jones looked like a future star before hand/wrist problems took a season of development away from him. He was more consistent in 2020, but he will now seek out a bigger role elsewhere. Jones is an intelligent person and a team leader, as demonstrated by his involvement in the Pac-12 Unity Movement. His presence will be missed on the field and in the lockerroom. We all wish him the very best in whatever comes next.

  • At The Athletic, Christian Caple takes stock of the last year as we head into 2021. It’s an interesting time for the UW football program, a year into the tenure of a new head coach, but with much less evidence of quality than you’d usually get in a year.

  • In hoops news, while the Dawgs continue to struggle through one of their worst season in memory, Jamal Bey’s improvement has been a glimmer of hope.

  • Percy Allen looks at the trials the women’s basketball team has faced this month. The whole team was placed in quarantine following two positive Covid tests and head coach Jody Wynn explained the impact that has had on the whole team.