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Dots: Get paid

Budda Baker makes money, and other ProDawgs do ProDawg things.

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Arizona Cardinals Training Camp Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Happy-ish Tuesday! As a reminder, you can follow us on Twitter at Also worth following is Max or Rob for a healthy dose of Washington shports, Aaron for crooting, Coach B for some of that plus breakdowns and evaluations, and Andrew for a dog in a luchador mask. I also exist, but the amount of football content there is mostly drowned out by a hefty dose of the dumbest things ever.

To the dots!

Read more on Budda’s new gigantic contract.

  • Taylor Barton’s NW 9 has been revived — a PNW-specific quarterback competition similar to the national Elite 11 — and the invites have been sent out to ~50 Washington, Oregon, and Idaho quarterbacks. Among them is Sam Huard, two of Jacob Sirmon’s little brothers, class of 2023 top 100 prospect Gabarri Johnson from Tacoma, JP Zamora, who has offers from Utah and Nevada and is the top in-state QB for 2022, and Huard’s incoming freshman backup at Kennedy, Cole Welliver, who has offers from Wazzu, ASU, and Colorado.

Guess I’m taking up running:

Some ProDawg updates:

(Per a few reporters who watched the Colts, two of Eason’s four incompletions were drops.)

Do good things, don’t do bad things, and bow down to Washington.