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Coach B’s Update: Joining the UWDP Team

Turns out good things can happen when you’re long winded on the internet

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 02 Utah at Washington Photo by Jeff Halstead/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Happy Saturday Husky Fans!

I’ve got an exciting update in what has otherwise been a major bummer of a 2020 off-season. Sticking to a common theme in my writing, I’ll try to keep this brief, but nevertheless I’ll apologize in advance for it being longer than anticipated (and probably longer than necessary too).

About three years ago, I stumbled upon UWDP right about when I began living in Seattle full-time. This was also about the time that feeling the itch to get involved in something related to football again as I had just stepped away from coaching high school football back home in Hawaii. I was already a Washington alumnus, season ticket holder, and general football nerd, so the site and its members were exactly what I was looking for.

At some point I became a pretty regular participant in comment thread with posts that were longer than some papers I wrote in college, but then I stumbled upon a nifty little feature on the UWDP site called FanPosts. I’ll be honest. I went wild. Friends of mine would say that I’ve got the gift of gab, and everyone else would just say long-winded. That manifested itself in a series of football deep dives and recruiting breakdowns that have found their way onto the site. Thousands words, a few posts, and a lot of positive reception later, I’ve gotten an exciting opportunity.

Long story short, I’m glad to say that I’ll be joining the UW Dawg Pound team as a contributor in earnest this year. I’m looking forward to putting out more of the X’s & O’s articles and recruiting breakdowns that I’ve been working on. This might be a much longer off-season than we anticipated, so I’ll be needing more topics to give a deep dive on.

Follow me @Coach_808, and as always Go Dawgs!