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Recruiting Roundup: Taking A Look At The Number Of Offers Extended In The 2021 Class

Looking At The Offers Extended In 2021

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Happy Sunday Husky fans. I have been mentioning the number of offers that the Huskies have extended in the 2021 class so far. Over the past several years (dating back to the 2018 class) the Huskies have extended a total of 260 offers over a 3 year period or an average of about 86 offers a year. By comparison our friends to the south, in duckland, have offered 910 players which is around 310 offers a year (more offers than the Huskies have offered over the 3 year period in total). I thought it would be a good idea to look at where the offers have gone out in the 2021 class versus what was offered over the last 3 years on average and what the hit rate roughly is (I know some years certain positions may have more offers due to the amount of guys they take but it’s interesting to look at comparisons to see how the Huskies are recruiting in 2021).

Here is a look at where the offers have been extended in the 2021 class so far:

QB- 1 offer with Sam Huard in the boat. They aren’t going to take any other quarterbacks in the 2021 class The Huskies have averaged around 3 offers a year at quarterback). The Huskies take 1 quarterback per class which puts the hit rate at around 33%.

RB- 5 offers so far and it sounds like they want to get 2 backs in the 2021 class (over the last 3 years the Huskies have offered on average 6 backs). The Huskies generally take on average 1 running back a year which puts the hit rate at around 20% assuming they only take 1 a class.

WR- So far there have been 11 wide receiver offers in the 2021 class. The Huskies look like they are wanting to get 3 wide receivers in the 2021 class. (The average over the last 3 years is a little over 10). The Huskies have taken on average 3 wideouts per year which puts the hit ratio around 30% per year.

TE- So far the Huskies have offered 11 tight ends in the 2021 class. (the Huskies have offered on average 5 a year over the last 3 years). With a new Tight ends coach it’s not surprising to see the number of offers higher than previous years. I would say tight end has been a position the Huskies have struggled at. They typically take only 1 tight end a year so the hit ratio is roughly 20% per class assuming they would only take 1 per class).

Offensive Line- So far the Huskies ha e offered 7 players on the 2021 class. It sounds like they will only take 3 offensive lineman more than likely (over the last 3 years the Huskies have offered on average 12 players along the offensive line). Offensive line is a difficult position to recruit but Coach Huff has done a good job and his hit ratio is roughly 30% on the players he offers (assuming he takes 4 a class).

Defensive Tackle- The Huskies have offered 3 tackles in the 2021 class JT Tuimoloau is probably a defensive tackle as well but recruiting services have him listed as an end. (The Huskies have offered on average 5 players per year over the last years at defensive tackle). The Huskies have done well recently recruiting defensive tackles and Coach Malloe is generally regarded as a good recruiter which reflects in his hit ratio of players he offers. If you assume they take 2 tackles a year Coach Malloe has around a 40% hit rate of guys he recruits.

Defensive End- So far the Huskies have offered 15 players at both strong side defensive end and weakside defensive end (The Huskies have offered around 11 players a year at both strong side and weakside end which includes the Rush end position). The number of offers at the defensive end position IMO reflect how hard it is to get top end pass rushers. The Huskies look to bring in 2 ends a year which puts the hit rate at below 20% along the defensive end position.

Linebacker-So far the Huskies have offered 11 linebackers in the 2021 class (over a 3 year period the Huskies have offered 32 players at linebacker or an average of 10 linebackers per year). Besides the 2019 class the Huskies have struggled recruiting top linebackers and the number of offers at linebacker do reflect that. The Huskies generally look to add 2 linebackers a class which puts the hit ratio at around 20%.

Defensive Back- So far the Huskies have offered 7 defensive backs in the 2021 class (Over the last 3 years the Huskies have offered on average 14 defensive backs at both safety and corner the Huskies, I am including both since the Huskies recruit some guys at corner & safety and Jimmy Lake has been the point for the last 3 years). The Huskies usually take between 3-4 defensive backs each class so the amount of numbers are t surprising to me. Assuming the Huskies bring in 4 defensive backs a year the hit ratio would be close to 30%z

Athlete- So far the Huskies have offered 6 “Athletes” in the 2021 class. These are players that could play multiple positions on offense or defense for the Huskies (the Huskies have offered on average 7 athletes a year since 2018).

I am not including specialists in this article since most teams only offer a few specialists every couple of years.

When looking at the numbers a couple of things stick out to me:

  • Some positions are difficult to recruit due to the need of each team to try and find players at those positions (namely defensive end and defensive back).
  • The Huskies have struggled recruiting at a few positions (namely linebacker as evidenced by the amount of offers and commits from those offers).

Coach Lake will likely offer several more players in the 2021 as the year progresses and I wouldn’t be shocked to see the total number of offers at or slightly above 100 for the class. That is all for now and as always follow me @asieverkropp.