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NFL Draft- How to Watch

Tune in as we get meaningful sports content involving the Huskies for the first time in over a month!

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NFL Combine - Day 1 Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

Tonight begins the 2020 NFL Draft which has a chance to be one of the more bizarre sporting events we’ve ever seen. Gone is the chance of having recruits come to the stage via boat while the Bellagio fountains erupt around them. Instead we get GMs and head coaches making picks while having to yell to their kids to be quiet in the background and stop streaming Twitch so they have enough bandwidth. But that’s life in 2020 right now.

There are 7 Huskies that seemingly have a realistic chance of having their names called: Jacob Eason, Nick Harris, Hunter Bryant, Trey Adams, Aaron Fuller, Myles Bryant, and Salvon Ahmed. You can check out of draft profiles on each scrolling through the site over the last week.

How To Watch

Round 1- Thursday, April 23rd at 5pm PT on NFL Network, ABC, or ESPN. Streaming at

It seems unlikely that any Husky will be selected on the first night of the draft but it will be fascinating to find out if a GM claims they got hacked if they get a poor reaction on Twitter immediately after the pick is made.

Round 2-3- Friday, April 24th at 4pm PT on NFL Network, ABC, or ESPN. Streaming at

This is where Jacob Eason can expect to come off the board and there’s a chance that either Nick Harris or Hunter Bryant are able to sneak into the 3rd round. Although last year no one thought Drew Sample was going in the 2nd round so you never know.

Round 4-7- Saturday, April 25th at 9am PT on NFL Network, ABC, or ESPN. Streaming at

Tune in first thing in the morning to see the majority of Huskies hear their names called. If Harris or Bryant are still on the board it likely won’t be for long while Trey Adams, Myles Bryant, Aaron Fuller, Jared Hilbers, and Salvon Ahmed are all hoping to be selected before the end of the day.

If you need to sign up for a streaming service to watch the draft tonight here you can follow these links to do so while supporting the blog: ESPN Plus, and You thought we were above asking for that sweet, sweet maybe tens of dollars of commission money? Times are tough.

Player Draft Rankings:

Jacob Eason: The Athletic- #76, ESPN- #59, CBS- #54

Nick Harris: The Athletic- #92, ESPN- #143, CBS- #93

Hunter Bryant: The Athletic- #134, ESPN- #134, CBS- #130

Trey Adams: The Athletic- #230, ESPN- #278, CBS- #97

Aaron Fuller: The Athletic- #270, ESPN- N/A, CBS- #181

Salvon Ahmed: The Athletic- #243, ESPN- #129, CBS- #238

Jared Hilbers: The Athletic- N/A, ESPN- #292, CBS- #200

Myles Bryant: The Athletic- N/A, ESPN- N/A, CBS- #234


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