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Wednesday Dots: Statement of Intent

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McDaniels Declares and a Look Back at Gil Dobie

Next Coach for Cornell Harold Grange
  • As most observers expected, Jaden McDaniels declared for the NBA Draft. McDaniels created some speculation last month when he denied rumors that he had already declared for the draft, but he ultimately went that way after taking his time.

  • The Covid-created sports vacuum has led to some interesting content. My favorite deep dive this week was from Christian Caple at The Athletic, who looked way back at the career of Husky football coach Gil Dobie.

  • It’s barely Husky related, but I would still recommend Larry Stone’s discussion with Ryan Gustafson, GM of the late Seattle Dragons. The piece in the Seattle Times is an interesting profile of Gustafson, but also serves as a post mortem for the star-crossed XFL.

(Note that Pullman appears to be cut off from the map that WSU posted. Reminder not to go to WSU to study Geography, or most other things.)