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All We Hear is Purple - 1991 Nebraska Game Revisited

Andrew and Gabey watched and share their thoughts on the famous 1991 matchup between #4 Washington at #9 Nebraska.

Billy Joe Hobert

Welcome back to another episode of the All We Hear is Purple podcast!

In this week’s episode, Andrew and Gabey decided to take a stroll down memory lane and watch the famous 1991 matchup between #4 Washington at #9 Nebraska. Both are well aware of the outcome of the game thanks to Husky lore, but neither had seen it until just before we recorded this episode. Their game recap and other topics discussed include:

  • Establishing context and the specific situation for both teams heading into the game.
  • A quarter by quarter breakdown of the game itself, including commentary on the in-game commentary.
  • A discussion of the differences between modern QBs and those from 30 years ago.
  • More post-game takeaways.
  • And as always, we provide our recommendations and plugs for things to keep you busy and entertained.


If you’re interested in the game itself, check that out here: