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Dots: One More Day day more

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: DEC 12 Oregon at Washington Photo by Jeff Halstead/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

We have less than 24 hours until 2020 is over. It won’t actually change anything because of course years are human constructs but if it makes you feel better about day more. Happy New Year Husky fans!

Basketball Dots

  • The Huskies take on Arizona tonight in their 4th game against a conference opponent but would traditionally be the Pac-12 opener. You can find my game preview here.
  • Percy Allen writes about the confidence boost that having an 11-day break to reset may have had on the team as they enter what will comparatively feel like a sprint to the season.
  • Lauren Kirschman asks if there’s still a chance that UW could turn their season around? The answer likely depends on whether you think getting up to 9th in the conference would constitute as turning the season around.
  • Chris Fetters at Dawgman also wonders whether the break will help Washington figure out their seeming lack of chemistry and has quotes from Hop’s press conference yesterday.
  • I’d be surprised if UW gets to play ASU on Saturday considering they cancelled today’s game against WSU, would still have to be cleared and fly up to play in 48 hours but officially the game is still on as of right now.
  • Dejounte Murray looks like he may have taken a leap after a 29/7/7 effort against the Lakers last night. That game also featured Becky Hammond becoming the first female head coach in an NBA game after Gregg Popovich was ejected leaving her in charge.

Football Dots

  • Mike Vorel looks at 6 of the big questions that still need to be answered for UW football as we head into the offseason with most of the major will they/won’t they decisions made.
  • The Mayo Bowl between Wisconsin and Wake Forest gave us 2 great moments yesterday and neither had to do with what happened in the game itself.