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Championship Weekend Open Thread

Fight On!

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 19 Arizona at USC Photo by John Cordes/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

If you don’t watch the game tonight, I don’t blame you. Full disclosure, I’m going to be eating dinner and then doing a Costco run. If USC goes up by 3 touchdowns then I’m going to find a way to get in on the schadenfreude. If it comes down to the last possession (which let’s be real, this is a USC game so it undoubtedly will) then I’ll probably get sucked in because I’m a college football junkie.

But it’s going to be agonizing hearing the announcers say that Washington should have been there. And even worse will be if they say that Oregon does deserve to be there which they probably will because that Nike hype will continue to roll. And you know they’re absolutely going to point out a bajillion times even if Oregon is getting blown out that they have the top recruiting class in the conference. So if you do find the strength to watch the game and support USC then maybe just put it on mute...

Fight On!


Oregon 3-2 @ #13 USC (-3) 5-0, 5:00 pm PT FOX

Will Oregon be out of sorts since their head coach spent most of this week being rumored to have a wandering eye then focused on getting a contract extension? Will USC be out of sorts because unfortunately for them Clay Helton didn’t have a wandering eye and got a contract extension last year thereby allowing him to put all his energy into “coaching”? We’ll find out. Please God, let USC win this game. I can live with Oregon having played in this game and finishing 3-3. I can’t live with them claiming this as a Pac-12 title while we sat home (and ok, I will learn to live with it if it happens but I won’t be happy about it).


#14 Northwestern 6-1 vs. #4 Ohio State (-18.5) 5-0, 9:00am PT FOX

Speaking of schadenfreude, after losing out on Emeka to Ohio State it would be wonderful karma if they got beat by Northwestern and somehow fell out of the College Football Playoff. It isn’t going to happen but boy would it be wonderful.

#10 Oklahoma 7-2 (-6) vs. #6 Iowa State 8-2, 9:00am PT ABC

I initially wrote this description talking about how there was a chance the loser of this game plays Washington in the Alamo Bowl. Now, we know that isn’t going to happen. So I guess root for the historical underdog? Go Cyclones.

#3 Clemson 9-1 (-10.5) vs. #2 Notre Dame 10-0, 1:00pm PT ABC

This is the one that is sure to get the most eyeballs. Notre Dame upset Clemson at home in 2OT earlier this season in one of the games of the year. However, since this is getting played on a neutral field and Clemson has Trevor Lawrence back at QB they’re now double digit favorites for the rematch. I think both of these teams will still make the Playoff if Clemson loses. But if you want there to be any chance of new blood entering the field then you better be rooting for Notre Dame. Blech. I need to wash my mouth out with soap now.

#1 Alabama 10-0 (-17) vs. #7 Florida 8-2, 5:00pm PT CBS

It’s not often you see a #3 team as a double digit favorite over the #2 team but it’s also not often you see the #1 team as a 17 point favorite over #7. Alabama is absurd this season and it’s probable that Florida got caught looking ahead when they lost to LSU last week but it’s tough to see the Gators putting up a fight. They should at least score some point if TE Kyle Pitts is able to play but if you’re watching this game it’s as a scouting report for the NFL Draft.

#23 Tulsa 6-1 @ #9 Cincinnati 8-0 (-14.5), 5:00pm PT ABC

Tulsa has played some whacky games this season so there’s a chance this one turns goofy. But Cincy has no shot at the Playoff the way things are structured so this game is to see whether they get to make a NY6 bowl or not.