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College Football Saturday Open Thread

For those who can still watch the sport without getting so very sad

UCLA v. USC Photo by Keith Birmingham/MediaNews Group/Pasadena Star-News via Getty Images

I get it. We should be dying of anxiety right now in anticipation of a game against our bitter rivals just a few hours from now. A chance for Jimmy Lake to assert Washington has taken back the mantle of the Pac-12 North in undisputed fashion. The Huskies it appears will still win the North but in nowhere near as satisfying a way and which will almost certainly leave them unable to play in the Pac-12 title game next week. Maybe we get to see the Dawgs play in a bowl game. Maybe they work out a way to play a Christmas weekend Apple Cup. Unfortunately, those are likely the best limited chances of seeing Elijah Molden and several others suit up in a Husky uniform one last time.

If all of that bums you out so hard that you can’t stomach to watch any college football today, I certainly get it. I may wind up in that camp myself. But I know several of you will still watch so here’s a place for you to talk about it.

9:00a PT- Utah (1-2) at #21 Colorado (4-0)- FOX

With some of the cancellations this weekend the Mountain schools get moved from Friday night to Saturday morning. Utah is actually a slight favorite even though Colorado feels with its undefeated record that it deserves a chance at the Pac-12 title game over a 2-loss Oregon team taking Washington’s spot. I don’t blame them. And if they want any chance of that happening they need to show up and win a home game against Utah.

Second Screen: 9:00a- #9 Georgia at #25 Missouri- SEC Network

12:30a PT- #17 North Carolina (7-3) at #10 Miami (8-1)- ABC

If Miami wins this one then they keep alive their chances of getting a New Year’s 6 berth. The Hurricanes are a 3-point favorite and both teams have explosive offenses so even if you’re not really invested in ACC football this should be a fun game to watch for neutral observers.

Second Screen: 1:00p- California at Washington State- FOX

4:30p PT- #15 USC (4-0) at UCLA (3-2)- ABC

Similar to Colorado, USC has to win this game if they want to guarantee a spot in next week’s Pac-12 championship game. I’m not really a believer in rooting for the conference in this spot but if you want to see the Pac-12 as not a compete afterthought over the next few weeks then I guess you’re rooting for USC to keep winning. But that sounds kind of dirty.

Second Screen: 4:00p- LSU at #6 Florida- ESPN

7:00p PT- Stanford (2-2) at Oregon State (2-3)- ESPNU

The fight for 3rd place in the Pac-12 North is on. As a Husky fan it would be somewhat disappointing for Stanford to turn around and lay a complete egg after playing their best game of the season against Washington. However, in general I’m a firm believer in root for Oregon State whenever they’re not playing the Dawgs so I’m a little conflicted. Jermar Jefferson looks to be back for the Beavers which should make this an even fight.

Second Screen: 7:00p- San Diego State at #18 BYU- ESPN2