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BREAKING: Washington-Oregon Game Cancelled

Positive Covid Cases Leave Huskies Below Minimum Player Threshold

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 28 Utah at Washington Photo by Jeff Halstead/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

As we have speculated for the last two days, the Washington-Oregon game has been cancelled due to an increase in positive Covid tests within the UW program.

The UW Athletic Department held out as long as it reasonably could. Despite an uptick in positive tests after the weekend, the school held off on canceling the game for nearly two full days to see if its attempts to isolate the healthy players from those who tested positive would leave enough healthy players to play.

As it stands, the Huskies have the best record in the Pac-12 North at 3-1. Under normal circumstances, that would earn UW a trip to the Pac-12 title game. Of course, with that game scheduled for nine days from now, there’s no guarantee that UW would have enough healthy players if eligible. Moreover, as we saw in the Big 10, many conference rules are being made and remade on the fly, so only time will tell whether the Huskies play again next week or at all the rest of this season.

We will have more on this story as it develops.