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Tuesday Dots: A Tree Grows in Seattle

Stanford tries to put down roots while the Dawgs play ball on the Strip

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Utah v Washington Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

I used to Dot a little but the little didn’t do it so the little got more and more.

Just keep trying to Dot a little better, just a little better than before.

  • The 49ers aren’t the only football team functionally evicted from Santa Clara county by new pandemic regulations. Stanford’s game with UW was already moved to Husky Stadium and now Stanford is attempting to spend the week in Seattle to practice and prepare. The local tourism industry could use the boost.

  • It’s hard to pin down one problem with the Husky men’s basketball team’s performance against an elite Baylor team. Percy Allen tries to identify three. He lists the lack of leadership, the lack of rebounding, and the lack of a clear offensive identity as the biggest problems. We’ll see if things look any rosier after a more manageable opponent in UC Riverside today.