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Week of 10/5 Open Thread

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For those in need of an extra outlet

103rd Giro d’Italia 2020 - Stage Three Photo by Tim de Waele/Getty Images

Welcome to the UWDP weekly out of bounds thread for those that want to tell the stick to sports stuff to stick it somewhere else. For more information about this please go back and read my update on site guidelines.

We will not be moderating comments on the basis of relevance to sports on this thread. However, you are still beholden to normal SB Nation community guidelines. No personal attacks. No discrimination. No harassment. Just generally don’t be a jerk and you’ll be okay.

If you’re going to post a Youtube link please put some kind of heading or caption to let people know what they’re clicking on before they do so. Thanks.

For those in search of last week’s thread.

P.S: I’m sure by now no one reads this section but I want to start letting it sink in that this was always a way to keep people around the blog while we waited for Husky sports to start back up again. It looks like we will now have a date (give or take a day) when that will happen. It also looks like that date will be either the Friday or Saturday following the election.

My current plan is to make the last open thread last until we get a result from the election and if it takes longer than that first week then the open thread will be pinned lower on the front page. After that point we will have games to talk about and 4 articles per day coming out rather than 1-2. Start mentally preparing for that. Thanks.