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Washington Drops to #17 in Week 2 FanPulse Poll

The Coaches, AP voters, and Husky fans were harder on the Dawgs than the rest of the college football world

Would you like evidence that the college football fandom at large didn’t notice that Washington fell to Cal in the wee hours of Sunday morning? The Washington Huskies fell just 4 spots from #13 to #17 in the SBNation FanPulse rankings following Week 2.

It turns out the Husky fanbase was much harder on the team than the rest of the college football world. Washington fans dropped the Dawgs to #21 in their own rankings. Other Pac-12 schools in the UW-only rankings finished: Utah 10th, Oregon 15th, Washington State 19th, and USC 24th. No school ended up more than 1 spot away from the national rankings other than the Huskies themselves.

The other Pac-12 schools were also lower on Washington than the rest of the country although none were quite so harsh as UW fans. The Huskies came in at either 19th or 20th among Oregon, UCLA, and Utah’s fans.

The loss led to disruption in other places as well. A week ago 100% of Washington fans felt they were confident in the direction the program was heading. After the 1-point loss which ended the team’s 15-game home winning streak that number dropped to just 73%. That might be a bit of an overreaction but after staying up until 1:30a to watch the way that game ended it can’t be a surprise that fans would vote with their emotions which at that point were (and likely still are less than 48 hours later) decidedly negative.

Washington will look to rebound this week hosting a Hawaii team which is already 2-0 against the Pac-12 albeit against Arizona and Oregon State at home.