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PODCAST: All We Hear is Purple — Episode 2: Eastern Redux and Maybe Cal Still Sux (Or Maybe Not)

And we laugh at Oregon. Sorry, Duck bros (not sorry).

Eastern Washington v Washington Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

Hey there, Gabey again. Welcome to the second episode of the official podcast of The Cody Pickett Fan Club.

Did you listen to the inaugural episode of All We Hear is Purple? Do you want to listen to even more? First off, good timing! Secondly, why on Earth?

Regardless, Andrew, Lucas, the ghost of Rob, and I got (digitally) together again for round two of chatting about UW football. In doing so, we discussed the following:

  • Are the older core of receivers really better than years past, or is it just Eason?
  • Drooling over the potential of a Richard Newton-Salvon Ahmed combo.
  • Gut reaction to the offensive line?
  • Defense: Who sucks more than we thought they would? Who sucks less? Who would we clone 10 times, put them on the field, and fully trust them to never give up any points?
  • C-C-C-Cal preview time!
  • Pac-12 week one review, week two thoughts, and why the Oregon-Auburn outcome was as perfect for Huskies as we could’ve hoped.
  • Suggestions for TV shows etc., in case you’ve just finished re-watching The Office for the 5,000th time and need something new to check out.

Check it out, if you want: