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Huskies Move Up to #16 in FanPulse Rankings

SBNation readers moved the Dawgs up 4 spots following their victory over USC

There’s a new head honcho in town with Alabama overtaking Clemson to drop the Tigers out of the top spot for the first time this season in the SBNation FanPulse Poll. An incredibly underwhelming effort in which the defending national champs were a failed 2-pt conversion away from losing in a monumental upset to North Carolina. Ohio State also leapfrogged both Oklahoma and LSU after demolishing Nebraska in the most lopsided College GameDay game in over a decade.

The Washington Huskies were also able to make their own move as they jumped from 20th to 16th in the rankings with a victory over USC. The Trojans entered the week one spot behind Washington at #21 but dropped two spots down to #23 which is better than they fared in either the AP or Coaches Poll. Utah somehow dropped 3 spots despite a decisive win over Washington State while Arizona State moved into Cal’s #25 ranking after defeating them on Friday night. Bizarrely, Cal moved up 7 spots following the home loss to #18. That means the Pac-12 is in a 3-way tie with the SEC and Big 10 (both of which have more teams) among all conferences with 6 teams in the top-25.

Week 5 FanPulse Top 25- UW Fans Only

Rank Team
Rank Team
1 Alabama
2 Clemson
3 Ohio State
4 Georgia
6 Oklahoma
7 Auburn
8 Wisconsin
9 Florida
10 Penn State
11 Notre Dame
12 Texas
13 Washington
14 Oregon
15 Iowa
16 Boise State
17 Utah
18 Michigan
19 Cal
20 Virginia
21 UCF
22 Texas A&M
23 USC
24 Michigan State
25 Arizona State

Aside from the brief blip from the post-Cal meltdown, Washington fans once again feel that the Huskies are undervalued by the rest of the country. The Dawgs were #13 in the UW-only rankings which was 3 spots better than the overall rankings. No other team had a bigger gap between the rankings. Michigan was 2 spots better in the UW-only rankings but no other team had a gap of more than 1 spot.

Week 1- 100%, Week 2- 72.5%, Week 3- 90.9%, Week 4- 94.6%, Week 5- 94.1%

Somehow 0.5% of you feel worse about the program after a 14 point win over USC and the commitment of the highest rated recruit in the Chris Petersen era. Go figure.