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All We Hear is Purple: BYU Redux and Smack Talking USC

More like University of Slurping Crap am I right?

USC v BYU Photo by Chris Gardner/Getty Images

Sup fellow kids, and welcome to episode five or something of All We Hear is Purple.

No Lucas this week, which stinks, so instead we got another human person to fill in-ish. Is it our official favorite being, Cody Pickett? Unfortunately, the answer is a resounding “100% not,” but our guest does have some things in common with Mr. Pickett. Namely, uh... they both have dark hair and have at one point lived in the general vicinity of Husky Stadium? Sure, why not.

Naturally we’re talking about Kyle MacLachlan Jimmy Kimmel Live writer and all-around versatile comic, sketch dude, podcaster, Seattle native, USC alum, etc., Devin Field. Did we discuss on-field tactics and how to best attack a Cover 2? “Absolutely we did!” is a sentence that would be a lie.

But what we neglected to discuss in X’s and O’s, Devin made up for by being a sleeper agent sent to learn and teach us about USC The Institution and why they A) are the worst and B) have been a cluster for the last nine years. On those topics, Devin helps provide some insight that a lot of us have probably speculated on but were unfamiliar with from an insider perspective.

Again though, if you’re looking for on-field discussion on USC, feel free to skip that part which is conveniently located at the end of Andrew’s and my normal takes.

Otherwise, we discussed:

  • BYU thoughts, including our combo of optimism and reservations regarding the defense
  • Being happy for Sean McGrew
  • Arm strength and why its effects are more important in mid-range passing than deep bombs
  • A few actual on-field thoughts on USC which mostly consist of “lol” and “Jeepers they don’t deserve the talent they have” and “No but seriously pick one either suck or be good already, Christ.
  • And some other stuff my brain has conveniently forgotten

Check it out:

Do good things, don’t do bad things, and bow down to Washington.