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Huskies #21 in SBNation Fan Pulse Rankings

Washington dropped 4 spots as national voters had time to process the loss to Cal from last week

It turns out unsurprisingly that the majority of voters across the country had not properly processed Washington’s defeat at Cal early in the morning of Sunday the 8th. That led to a very slight drop to #17 in the FanPulse rankings. This week it appears voters have come fully to terms with UW’s 2-1 record as they fell to 21st in this edition of the rankings which is closer to where the AP Poll and Coaches Poll have them.

The drop of 4 spots is certainly the biggest for any team that won this weekend but as mentioned above there were mitigating circumstances. 6 Pac-12 teams cracked the rankings in the AP poll where there were a lot of teams between 15 and 25. The FanPulse results were a little less generous for the conference as Arizona State managed to appear on the list at #25 but California did not make it on there.

Last week Husky fans were much harsher on the team than the average fan as they actually had watched Washington’s loss to Cal. This week after getting out to a 38-0 lead against Hawai’i, fans of the Dawgs had them ranked 19th and a couple of spots above the average college football fan.

2019 Week 3 FanPulse Rankings- Only UW Fans Results

Team Ranking
Team Ranking
Clemson 1
Alabama 2
Georgia 3
Oklahoma 5
Ohio State 6
Notre Dame 7
Auburn 8
Utah 9
Florida 10
Texas 11
Michigan 12
Wisconsin 13
Penn State 14
Oregon 15
UCF 16
Texas A&M 17
Washington State 18
Washington 19
Iowa 20
Boise State 21
Michigan State 22
Maryland 23
Arizona State 24
Virginia 25

No Pac-12 school was ranked worse than the average voter by Washington fans and all except Utah were ranked at least one spot better. Only a few programs were multiple spots away from the average ballot. The Huskies were 19th among Husky fans while 21st on the complete ballot. Iowa fell from 18th to 20th among UW fans following a narrow win vs. Iowa State and Virginia fell from 23rd to 25th after coming back to barely beat Florida State.

At least a few Husky fans were encouraged by the bounce back win over Hawai’i but the team still fell short of the 100% approval rating that they enjoyed after the Week 1 win over Eastern Washington.