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PODCAST: All We Hear is Purple — Episode 1: Stop Buying Arizona, Nerds.

The official home of The Cody Pickett Fan Club.

Idaho Vandals vs. Washington Huskies

Oh hey, Gabey here: Welcome to the second UWDP podcast of the day. Did you listen to the Film Study Podcast that came out this morning? Good call, very clutch, highly recommend. Now that that’s over, are you looking for something less good? Well boy have we got you covered.

It turns out podcasts are super hot right now, so you can imagine the magnitude of my enthusiastic response when our Head Honcho Max asked me if Andrew, Lucas, and I wanted to do a podcast on all things some things Washington:

“Ummmmmmmmmmm... Fine.”

My only requirement was that I’d do a podcast if we could call it The Cody Pickett Fan Club, which Rob, Max, and Andrew rejected on the basis that it “is terrible.” Fortunately for them, I hold my convictions about as tight as Kevin Sumlin-coached teams hold onto a 34 point lead, so it wasn’t a big deal.

Thus was born what we’re calling “All We Hear is Purple,” a name we spent a full 20 minutes toiling over. (Also, if you do “hear purple,” that my friends is called synesthesia, and it’s one wild ride.)

For today’s episode, we discussed the following:

  • Ugh, podcasts, amirite?
  • Takeaways from this whole quarterback ordeal
  • What we’re most excited for on UW’s defense this year
  • Pac-12 thoughts, like “The Oregon-Auburn game is a win-win for Dawg fans,” and “lol Arizona”
  • Our thoughts on Eastern Washington (the matchup, not just, like, the general concept of east of Chelan county)
  • And how to spend your evening after the Hawaii game


Music: Dawgs in the House- Jake One, Sol, Prometheus Brown and Preach