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Dots: Surprise!

Would the Huskies being good next year be a surprise? And a big time OL is announcing tomorrow.

NCAA Football: Washington at Southern California Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Not the “linkiest” day on the internet for Husky news. That’s mid-June for you. But keep following us on Twitter for the latest and greatest.


  • We’re quickly approaching the height of magazine preview season, meaning we’ll start getting nuggets like this over the next few weeks. Both Utah and Oregon visit Husky Stadium this year. The Huskies do travel to Palo Alto to play Stanford, where they haven’t won since...2007.

  • Jimmy Lake joined Softy to talk about being a DB for the Huskies and what it entails:

  • High four star OT from Colorado expected to pick UW tomorrow:

  • WR is a huge position for the Huskies in 2019. What will Andre’s role be?

  • And just for fun: