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Dots: better late than never ...

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Let the Madness begin.

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NCAA Basketball: Washington at California Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports

Sorry for the late dots today folks. Still trying to get back into the swing of things after a bit of an absence. Appreciate you all bearing with me.

So, what’s been going on around here?

NCAA Tournament Dots

Looking for points.

Tim Booth of the AP writes on the obvious story line for our Dawgs as they look to notch a victory in their match up with Utah State: will the Huskies be able to put the ball through the basket?

A reverse scouting report.

What do Aggie scribes think of Washington from an opponent preview point of view? It’s detailed if not fair preview, but you might be offended by the use of the term “wet the bed” contained therein.

Cinderella Ags.

Some observers feel that Utah State is a legit threat to break up some brackets in the Midwest.

Never tell me the odds.

ICYMI, has a fun probabilities tool that you can use if you want to impress your friends, families and rivals with your bracket prowess this year.

SPOILER ALERT: the model gives UW a 49% probability of beating Utah State which, given the fact that the “experts” at SI (among others) unanimously (out of nine) picked UW to lose, sounds pretty good to me.

Just Ducky.

This is just one of many outlets calling on Oregon to make a surprise run in the tournament. Makes me want to vomit.

Football and Such

What if NCAA football had a “madness” tournament?

This fun little piece of fiction ponders what this year’s madness would look like if it was the gridiron boys instead of the hardwooders playing in a tournament of 64. How would Huskies football fare?

Andre’s momentum.

The Seattle Times spring preview continues with a look at Andre Baccellia. It is hard to argue that he wasn’t one of UW’s hottest players to close out last season. With a new quarterback and a new receivers coach, the question becomes whether or not AB has what it takes to be a legit top of the rotation contributor.

Tinker Taylor Draft Preview

Fan Duel has a prediction on where Taylor Rapp may fall in the NFL draft. Hint: not good news for Seahawk fans.