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Daniel Heimuli makes it official

The Northern California linebacker will wear purple in the PNW.

Image via @DanielHeimuli Instagram

Daniel Heimuli — long considered a Washington lean — has finally pulled the trigger with a commitment and signing.

Heimuli joins high school teammate Noa Ngalu, also from Menlo-Atherton High School in the Bay Area. Similar to fellow inside linebacker signee Josh Calvert, Heimuli’s presence may be felt sooner rather than later with 2019’s inside linebacking depth being questionable at best.

He has a natural build for the role and was clearly prioritized early in the recruiting process over guys like Washington legacy and USC signee Maninoa Tufono. If there’s one negative tick he has, it would be an occasional poor angle that he usually can make up for by being a better athlete than his competition at the current level, but otherwise there’s not much to nitpick; he’s patient, spatially aware, and has fantastic leg drive in his tackles combined with a strong upper body at the point of contact. Perhaps most impressive, though, is his abilities that go beyond what a normal linebacker’s capable of — his agility, body control, and ball skills are more that of a defensive back than a linebacker. Put that together with the rest of his strengths, and the Huskies got a good one.

Do good things, don’t do bad things, and bow down to Washington.

UPDATE: Heimuli’s sent out his own commitment tweet too, and it makes me want to go play in the snow.