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All We Hear is Purple — The OC Search Begins

Andrew and Rob recap the Las Vegas Bowl, talk about who is and is not leaving for the NFL and cover some potential candidates in Washington’s search for a new offensive coordinator.

New Orleans Saints v Chicago Bears Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images

Welcome back to the 17th episode of the All We Hear Is Purple podcast. We were again without Gabey this week (she’s important and does real things), so Rob is back to co-host with Andrew. In this week’s episode, we recap the Huskies’ win over Boise State in the Las Vegas Bowl and also get into Washington’s search for a new offensive coordinator.

Topics include:

  • The Las Vegas Bowl
  • A dominating defensive performance
  • The offense decided to join the party!
  • Jacob Eason heads to the NFL
  • Molden, Onwuzurike and others are coming back
  • The search for a new offensive coordinator
  • Potential OC candidates
  • And as a special Christmas edition, we share our favorite gifts from the holiday

Listen here, folks: