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All We Hear is Purple — Coach Pete Resigns and the Apple Cup Too

Coach Petersen resigns, Lake is the new top Dawg and the Huskies also won the Apple Cup. 

NCAA Football: Pac-12 Media Day Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back to the 14th episode of the All We Hear Is Purple podcast. We bring you this episode a couple of days earlier than usual due to some wildly unexpected breaking news. Specifically, that Coach Chris Petersen has resigned as the Head Coach of the University of Washington and has been replaced by Defensive Coordinator, Jimmy Lake. Andrew and Gabey breakdown this huge news and also recap the Apple Cup win.

Topics include:

  • Chris Petersen bombshell
  • Why leave, and why now?
  • What will be his legacy? What would it have been if he stayed another 5 years?
  • Looking ahead to Jimmy Lake
  • Differences in philosophy/coaching staff?
  • What to expect from recruiting?
  • The stability of the program
  • Oh yeah, the Huskies won the Apple Cup too
  • And as always, what is going on this week that you should go see/read/watch/do?

Listen up: