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How to Watch, Chat and Root for College Football Today

The Huskies have the weekend off, but there is plenty of game action left to enjoy.

Auburn v LSU Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Washington fans are probably out on boats enjoying the autumn-in-the-Northwest lifestyle or on their roofs cleaning out gutters. That is the life when UW has a BYE week and no stakes in the games that other teams are playing whether it be for the conference championship race or, even more ambitiously, a spot in the CFP debate. However, were you to ask them directly, you might find more than a gaggle of Dawg fans that are still rooting for a PAC 12 team to get into the Playoff debate if for no other reason than to set the stage for a compelling race next season where the Huskies project as a more competitive team.

So ... go Ducks?!?

In case you missed it, here are the updated CFP rankings from earlier this week.

PAC 12 fans are undoubtedly heartened to see both Oregon and Utah in the top 7, theoretically in range of a coveted end-of-season selection. However, there are two problems with this ranking as it stands. First is the fact that Alabama, who like both Oregon and Utah has no wins against top 20 teams this year, is still ahead of both PAC 12 teams despite their loss to LSU. Second, Minnesota, which was the week before ranked 17, catapulted into their cohort with a win over a top 5 Penn State. Those two factors reveal both how the committee feels about each of the one-loss teams’ losses and how they perceive the quality of Minnesota’s upset.

If the PAC 12 champ is to get into the CFP, they still need some help. Here is the rooting guide for PAC 12 fans watching football today.

Rooting Guide - Week 12

#5 Alabama at Mississippi State

Root for: a miracle

The Tide need to lose again somewhere along the way to eliminate any chance that they will sneak ahead of a one-loss PAC 12 champ. And before you start claiming that the PAC 12 champ has a chance at a catapulting quality win in the PAC 12 championship, consider the counter-balancing argument that the Tide are still the Tide and that Tua Tagoviola has been injured. The Crimson Tide need to lose once more.

#8 Minnesota at #20 Iowa

Root for: Iowa

Minnesota is now a mortal threat to create a two Big Ten team scenario. If they somehow beat both Iowa and Wisconsin and then fall to Ohio State in the Big Ten Championship, they will have a far more compelling resume than either PAC 12 candidate. Similarly, Minnesota could lose one of those two games, beat Ohio State in the Big Ten Championship and deliver the same two-team result. Better that the Gophers lose twice and make it a moot point. This Iowa matchup will be a challenge for them.

Indiana at #9 Penn State

Root for: a sloppy Penn State team

The Nittany Lions are also a threat to participate in a two-team Big Ten scenario. With one “quality” loss that is at least as good as Oregon’s to Auburn, the Lions still have a lot to play for. It would be good optics if they struggled with a not-as-good -as-their-record Indiana team this weekend.

#4 Georgia at #12 Auburn

Root for: duh

This game is probably the single most important game to watch this weekend if you are rooting for the PAC. The Bulldogs have one loss, control of the SEC East, and a clear shot at the SEC championship (which, of course, lends itself to a two-team SEC scenario with them and LSU). Auburn is playing for a shot at the NY6 with no real line of sight to a division title or the CFP. But what a feather in the cap for the Tigers should they hang a second loss on a top four team!

The dominoes really fall in the favor of the PAC 12 getting in should Auburn win this game. The pythagorean theorem that comes out of Oregon’s closs loss to Auburn in week 1 all of a sudden lifts both the PACs top two candidates. In addition, it eliminates Georgia - and by extension one “two SEC team” scenario - out of the equation. It would obviously also result in both Oregon and Utah moving up one more spot in the rankings should they each handle their business. So, yeah, this is a big one.

#10 Oklahoma at #13 Baylor

Root for: Baylor

The Big 12 is not getting a ton of press in the CFP debate right now, but that will change after this game. Either team stands to score a “quality win” coming out of it. But Oklahoma, should they win, would immediately become the one-loss team with the highest quality book of wins on their ledger. With Jalen Hurts still very much in the Heisman race, the committee might become much more generous with the ranking for the Sooners. Better for Oregon and Utah to not see that scenario happen, even if they have to suffer with another week of Baylor being undefeated.

Those are the big ones. Of course, everything depends on both Utah (vs UCLA) and Oregon (vs Arizona) handling their business. I’m a little uncertain about the Utes against UCLA. We shall see. Either way, it should be a fun weekend. This is your open thread for all of the action. Enjoy.

College Football TV and Streaming Schedule

Matchup Time (PT) TV Streaming
Matchup Time (PT) TV Streaming
#5 Alabama at Mississippi State 9:00 AM ESPN
Indiana at #9 Penn State 9:00 AM ABC
#11 Florida at Missouri 9:00 AM CBS
#14 Wisconsin at Nebraska 9:00 AM BTN
Michigan State at #15 Michigan 9:00 AM FOX
Kansas at #22 Oklahoma State 9:00 AM FS1
VMI at Army 9:00 AM CBSSN
Alabama State at Florida State 9:00 AM ACCNX
TCU at Texas Tech 9:00 AM ESPN2
UMass at Northwestern 9:00 AM BTN
Tulane at Temple 9:00 AM ESPNU
UTEP at UAB 10:00 AM ESPN3
#23 Navy at #16 Notre Dame 11:30 AM NBC
Idaho State at BYU 12:00 PM ESPN3
Troy at Texas State 12:00 PM ESPN3
Coastal Carolina at Arkansas State 12:00 PM ESPN+ ESPN+
UL Monroe at Georgia Southern 12:00 PM ESPN+ ESPN+
#2 Ohio State at Rutgers 12:30 PM BTN
Wake Forest at #3 Clemson 12:30 PM ABC
#4 Georgia at #12 Auburn 12:30 PM CBS
#18 Memphis at Houston 12:30 PM ESPN2
#19 Texas at Iowa State 12:30 PM FS1
West Virginia at #24 Kansas State 12:30 PM ESPN
Central Michigan at Ball State 12:30 PM CBSSN
Virginia Tech at Georgia Tech 12:30 PM ACCNX
Kentucky at Vanderbilt 12:30 PM SEC Network
#8 Minnesota at #20 Iowa 1:00 PM FOX
Syracuse at Duke 1:00 PM ACC Network
Hawai'i at UNLV 1:00 PM Spectrum Sports PPV Facebook
Incarnate Word at New Mexico State 1:00 PM None
Wyoming at Utah State 1:00 PM ESPNU
Stanford at Washington State 1:30 PM Pac-12 Networks
Rice at Middle Tennessee 1:30 PM ESPN+ ESPN+
Louisiana at South Alabama 2:00 PM ESPN+ ESPN+
Southern Mississippi at UTSA 3:00 PM ESPN+ ESPN+
#1 LSU at Ole Miss 4:00 PM ESPN
#17 Cincinnati at South Florida 4:00 PM CBSSN
Air Force at Colorado State 4:00 PM ESPN2
#10 Oklahoma at #13 Baylor 4:30 PM ABC
#25 Appalachian State at Georgia State 4:30 PM ESPNU
South Carolina at Texas A&M 4:30 PM SEC Network
Louisville at NC State 4:30 PM ACC Network
Arizona State at Oregon State 4:30 PM FS1
UCLA at #7 Utah 5:00 PM FOX
New Mexico at #21 Boise State 7:15 PM ESPN2
Arizona at #6 Oregon 7:30 PM ESPN
USC at California 8:00 PM FS1