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All We Hear is Purple: OSU & OC

A breakdown of the win over Oregon State and a conversation with former UW OC, John Pettas.

Idaho Vandals vs. Washington Huskies

Oh hey, Gabey here — happy Wednesday or Thursday or whatever day it is when this comes out. If you spent most of last week going, “Hey, where the heck is this week’s episode?” until we finally got it published on Friday, have we got news for you: we’ve now switched to a software that doesn’t crap the bed WSU-defense-against-UCLA-style and delete our audio. Hooray!

Plus, Rob interviews former UW coach and Cody Pickett-knower John Pettas.

Otherwise, some topics include:

  • How much damage can a puma do to a human in 20 minutes?
  • Is the defense gonna crush its enemies from now on, or...?
  • Are Eddie Ulofoshio and Jackson Sirmon the future and the present?
  • When is it reasonable to drink pee?
  • Should we freak out about the offense or was it just a weird sleep-walking off-night?
  • Salvon Ahmed is the coolest (not a question)
  • Margin of error versus frequency of error for Jacob Eason
  • Who’s gonna out-mediocre each other between Stanford and WSU?
  • What is going on this week that you should go see?

Here you go:

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Do good things, don’t do bad things, and bow down to Washington.