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All We Hear is Purple: Stanford Woes and Arizona’s Defense Blows

We’re done with trees. Let’s talk about cacti!

Washington v Arizona Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Hi folks, Rob here. Welcome back to our seventh episode of All We Hear Is Purple. Due to scheduling issues, we were down to just Andrew and me this week, but I’d like to think we stepped up admirably and against all odds created more sports podcasting gold... And by gold I mean the third or fourth most mediocre Washington Husky podcast, but that’s what we’re striving for!

I do need to insert a small apology here to all you listeners. Not just because we’re again without Gabey this week, but also because our recording platform managed to garble up my audio (Andrew sounds great) a few times during this episode. Don’t worry, it only pops up a few times, but you’ll likely notice it when it does, so sorry about that in advance.

Otherwise, in this week’s episode we discussed the following:

  • If you’re concerned that we’ll spend wayyy too much time dissecting the Stanford game, you’re in luck. We review it just enough to get some of that crap off our chests before we move on to better things.
  • We discuss three reasons to be optimistic about the rest of this season and the future of the program! Hooray for optimism!
  • We give a brief preview of this week’s upcoming matchup against Arizona in Tucson.
  • We then move on the share a few Pac-12 and national thoughts.
  • And as always we hit you with a few recommendations of things to check out from the world beyond Husky football.

Give it a listen: