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All We Hear is Purple: The One with the Utes

The ghost of our bye week episode lives on in the memory of this week’s Utah episode.

Washington v Utah Photo by George Frey/Getty Images

Aloha, Rob here to welcome you back to episode 9 of the All We Hear is Purple podcast. First, may I offer up some sincere apologies about not having an episode last week. As we’ve thrown out into the Twitter-verse and is discussed in this week’s episode, we recorded a full episode that was then promptly destroyed by the angry internet gods. A proper sacrifice was made to appease them and it seems to have worked as we’re actually able to upload a new episode this week.

But back to football, your go-to team of Andrew and Gabey discuss all things Washington Huskies in this week’s episode. Topics include the following:

  • Offense: What did we learn from the first half? What is different than what we thought going into the year?
  • Breaking down Washington’s defense.
  • The remaining schedule and the Dawgs’ chances of winning out.
  • A preview of this week’s matchup with Utah.
  • Pac-12 & national thoughts, including a head-to-head comparison of Oregon and Utah.
  • And as always, we offer up some recommendations for non-football entertainment this week.

Now, listen your heart out:

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