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All We Hear is Purple: U$C & The Tree

Wins are fun to talk about, especially when they’re over USC.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 28 USC at Washington Photo by Michael Workman/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Aloha, my friends. Welcome back for another episode of All We Hear is Purple!

It’s me, Rob, not Gabey. Don’t worry, the Gabey and Andrew super tandem team up once again to entertain your college football brain for 45 minutes in this week’s episode. I’m just the schmuck who records and edits the audio, and on occasion, does this brief write up. Unrelated to this episode but very related to the above image; how sweet is Dubs? What a handsome guy. Anyway, we have a great show for you this week because Cody Pickett is... ah crap, never mind. We’ll get him someday. But seriously, these two cool kids put together a great episode for all of you this week.

Topics they discussed include:

  • USC recap including breakdowns of the secondary’s play and the running game
  • A preview of the Stanford game and discussion of the apparent fall of the Cardinal
  • Sav’ell Smalls!
  • Pac-12 & general college football thoughts
  • And as always, media recommendations and plugs for Gabey’s stand up shows

Check it out. You know you want to: