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Monday Dots: Arizona Heat is Off the Dawgs

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Washington v Arizona Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

It’s always more fun to compile dots on the Monday after a win. I hope it’s that much more fun to read them, too.

  • The Seattle Times game coverage includes lessons we learned, such as a much needed set of halftime adjustments. The Times also provides some reassuring updates on M.J. Tafisi after a terrifying injury. Larry Stone says the Huskies “unlocked” their offense in the second half. My take? The truth is somewhere in the middle. Bush Hamdan didn’t deserve to be fired at halftime, and one productive half against bad defense doesn’t solve every offensive issue.

  • The futbol Huskies are even hotter than the football Huskies. The men’s soccer team has won seven straight, is up to #2 in the nation, and beat Oregon State to remain perfect in conference.

  • In what has to be a good omen, the volleyball team rallied from an 0-2 deficit to beat Oregon. The Huskies improved to 13-3.

  • The women’s soccer team also pulled out a win with a 3-2 upset of a ranked Arizona team.

  • Let’s look at some Tweets.