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Dots: Frozen.

Coach Pete’s words of encouragement and a Mike Hopkins radio interview.

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NCAA Basketball: Washington at Colorado Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Typing with frozen fingers, relying on my temperate bitterness over Max stealing all the good dots for yesterday’s post to keep me warm.

  • Coach Pete ... why ya’ gotta’ hate?
  • Mike Hopkins jumped on with Brock and Salk to tell all. Perfect podcast for a chilly commute.
  • Sam Timmins has found his role on this team writes Lauren Kirschman of TNT
  • A former UW coach has a new NFL job ... and his name does not rhyme with “bark”
  • Another reason to completely disregard anything coming out of Bleacher Report:
  • Sister site Blogging the Boys has a draft preview on Taylor Rapp
  • The Asa Turner recruiting saga continues. Our friends at One Foot Down seem to be hearing the same word that has been filtering around the Husky rumor mill:

With all signs pointing towards Asa Turner signing with the Washington Huskies soon, there is technically a scholarship “open” according to Notre Dame’s count.

  • Speaking of recruiting, someone is lookin’ good!
  • Are you a star?
  • This is a new one:
  • Bonus dot: we haven’t even counted the wind chill yet:

Stay warm, Dawgs.